Follow Your Passion for Education – Own a Kumon Franchise

Follow Your Passion for Education – Own a Kumon Franchise

Owning a business is a common dream amongst individuals of all class and creed. As per several reports, a whooping majority of individuals from this generation or the preceding one, plan on quitting their 9 to 5 job and start a business of their own. If you to have similar plans, Kumon Learning Programmes is looking for like-minded, driven individuals who plan on mixing their passion with profession and help the learning programme franchise shape the next generation within India.

What is Kumon?

Kumon is one of the largest after-school learning programmes in the world. The franchise boasts over 4 million plus children, enrolled across 50 + countries and regions. It started in Japan after a loving father – Toru Kumon, designed a unique learning programme to help his child take control of his learning. It’s been over 6 decades now and the learning programme is available across all major countries across the globe.

What is Kumon Learning Franchise Opportunity?

After achieving several milestones globally, Kumon Institute Education Co. Ltd., plans on expanding globally, enabling students from the farthest corners of the world access and leverage their learning programmes. To make this global expansion plan feasible, Kumon is looking for individuals with a passion to work with children while fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. If you are one such individual, you can become a part of the Kumon learning franchise and use your passion to teach and become an educator within your community.

Requirements to Become a Kumon Franchise Owner

Like most franchise, becoming a Kumon franchise owner would require you to fulfill the eligibility requirements. Before you start to worry, the requirements are very basic and easy to meet. Take a look below.

  • Tertiary Educated
  • Experience in working with children

Process of Applying for Kumon Franchise

  • Read and review: The first step is to read, review and understand everything there is to know about the Kumon Franchise ownership. There’s plenty of information available online on the Kumon website. Open your laptop and visit the website, thoroughly review the information, and register yourself to receive information on starting a Kumon franchise. Once you do that, the local office will contact you with more information that you’d need and schedule your Franchise Orientation.


  • Application and Testing: Once you’ve received the invite for Franchise Orientation, you’ll go through the Application and Testing process. You’ll be invited by the local Kumon team to complete the application and sit through their proficiency tests. To give you a gist of the process, you’ll be asked to submit certain documents, which will be communicated prior to your visit to their office.


  • Franchise Orientation: Once you are done with step two, the next stage is to attend the Kumon Franchise Orientation you get invited for on the scheduled date. In this orientation, a Kumon professional will thoroughly explain the entire opportunity to every attendee, including the founding company’s mission, vision, and values along with the role of the franchised instructor, the required infra, etc.


  • Interview & Final Selection: Once you complete the orientation, you’ll be invited for an interview which is crucial to your Kumon Franchise ownership. The result of the interview will determine your eligibility and also offer you the opportunity to clarify any doubts you may have regarding the ownership. You must also remember that you might be invited for more than one interview depending on the local operating procedures and regulations along with mandatory screening checks. Top 10 Trends of Online education in 2021


  • Instructor Training: After qualifying the interview and selection process, if you qualify, you’ll be invited for the mandatory training programme that is a must for all new Instructors to attend. The training programme would focus on helping you the Kumon way of working with children along with explaining the other terms & conditions.


  • Agreement Stage: Lastly after completing the due New Instructors Training Programme, you’ll be invited for signing the agreement. Once you sign the agreement, you’ll be eligible to open your own Kumon franchise and take a step ahead towards your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

If you have any doubts or want to know about this opportunity in detail, please feel free to get in touch with your local Kumon centre or contact the customer support using the details available on their website.


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